Mullett Island, Revisit

Mullett Island, Revisit »

The five buttes around the Salton Sea’s southeast shoreline are thought to be extinct volcanoes. It was 1898 when Captain Charles E. Davis,

Mormon Rocks, Ca.

Mormon Rocks, Ca. »

If you have ever traveled the Cajon Pass I-15 corridor, it’s a safe bet that you have seen a rather large grouping of

Palace of Governor’s

Palace of Governor’s »

The history of the US does not start at Jamestown Virginia, it actually started with the Francisco Vasquez de Coronado expedition of 1540-1542,

El Morro, Signature Rock

El Morro, Signature Rock »

Paso por aqui…

These simple words came to have a very powerful meaning as time passed, simply

Two Guns, Az

Two Guns, Az »

Two Guns was originally known as Canon Diablo, or Devils Canyon, and has a history that reaches back as far as 1050AD.

Petrified Forest, AZ

Petrified Forest, AZ »

This is one of several petrified forests across the southwest, there is one in Utah and one in California. But

Salome Az, Where She danced

Salome Az, Where She danced »

Nestled just northeast of the I-10 is a small town located in a place called Happy Valley. It is virtually unknown to people today,

Arizona Governor’s Mansion

Arizona Governor’s Mansion »

Awhile back I was surfing through some of the old original Desert magazines when I came upon a picture labeled ” Arizona Territory